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Hidey Ho,

This is my first weblog post! It seems that everyone is creating a blog nowadays, so I thought I would start my own. I hacked together a few scripts and put a webcam up, so you guys can come check up on me and see what I’m doing live! The webcam takes a picture every 10 minutes or so. Later, I’ll probably add a twitter feed and add other cameras around (wherever I may be). I’ll comment on my blog frequently to express my thoughts of the day or share something cool I found on the web. It’ll be fun, trust me.

As far as the rest of my website is concerned, yeah, this is my new e-commerce site, NoHo Prints (I’m about to change the name from “Hollywood Graphics”). Please do not make fun of it as it is currently in beta. There are a lot of rough edges to it, and I have to replace some of the pages, but it’s “good enough” to put into production. If you like, peruse the site and give me thoughts on usability. Is any part of the website confusing to you? (Again, it’s a work-in-progress).

As far as my business is concerned, my father is semi-retiring and I’m taking over his assets and getting into the print business. The business location is in a killer area (NoHo baby!), and I’m getting use of the building and equipment from Daddy Warbucks. So i’m going to be catering to the entertainment crowd. Hopefully do some work with the studios as well. Business is a bit grim right now, but I’m hoping with a bit of google magic, some technical prowess and a bit of salesmanship I can hopefully turn things around.

Ok enough talk, browse my site and BUY something already!

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