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It is a common misconception that in evolution the species most fitted to their environment wins. This,in fact, is not true. Take the dinosaurs. At once, they were kings of their kingdom and they ruled the earth. But it is not them that ended up surviving. It was the crafty humans. This is because when a catastrophic event happens, such as a meteor, the humans can ADAPT, the dinosaurs can’t. In fact, the dinosaurs OVERADAPTED to their environment and that’s why they couldn’t survive when things changed.

There is about to be an economic catastrophe in the US. But the people who survive won’t be big money. It will be the entities that are able to quickly adapt to the changing marketplace. So I have to look at this from the perspective of “ok, this big change is happening to the economy. . . is there any opportunity that will be created here?” Is there a way to create value in a different way that wasn’t feasible/possible/wanted before?

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