Bigger than 9/11

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man. . .

This is going to be bigger than 9/11. With the new citibank bailout, the total cost of this exceeds 4 trillion dollars (and some change. . .). People often have a hard time putting 4 trillion into perspective. Here is what 4 trillion can buy:

(adjusted for inflation)
– the Marshall plan: $115.3 billion
– the Louisiana purchase: $217 billion
– The moon landings: $237 billion
– The S&L debacle: $256 billion
– The Korean War: $454 billion
– The New Deal: $500 billion (Aren’t republicans supposed to be against this shit?!?! If you’re a republican and support this bailout plan, I am sorry, but you are an idiot)
– Iraq: $597 billion
– Vietnam: $698 billion
– The entire NASA budget: $851.2 billion

Yes sir, folks, that amount of money just got released into the economy. Ooooh, I can just SMELL the inflation now. Geez, this isn’t just a financial crisis anymore, this is an economic COLLAPSE.

I don’t know about you, but gold bullion looks mighty attractive right now. . .

I just got my ass kicked

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Just finished with Barry’s Boot camp . I feel as if though someone kicked my ass. I’ve never met the mythical Barry, I’m almost afraid to. If one of his henchmen can be this brutal on a workout, I’d hate to see what Barry himself would do.


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I have a few more ideas for possible startups. The problem is is that work really wipes me out sometimes and it’s hard to get into that creative juice when you aren’t in the right mental state.

Anyway, if time permits, I want to create quick and dirty prototypes, one a month. Then throw it out to the internet for comments. Statistically speaking, I’m bound to write something people will like sooner or later.

My first project is a “crowdsourcing” website (as opposed to traditional “outsourcing”). It uses a wisdom-of-crowds approach to finding/completing solutions. I’m using the Amazon Mechanical Turk api to do it. Basically, it’s kinda an “artificial” artificial intelligence engine. It’s kinda hard to explain, but if it gets any interest, I’ll post it on here. Right now, it’s a work-in-progress.

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