radrails 1.1.0 on Ubuntu Linux Hardy Haron 8.04

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Here’s a technical solution of something I was having trouble with earlier yesterday. I’m posting this online figuring someone else will have a similar problem. Anyway, I was trying to install radrails 1.1.0 on Aptana 1.2.1 on my Ubuntu linux Hardy Heron 8.04. Whenever I tried installing a gem though, the system would hang. I tried to do this through the aptana console and it would appear to freeze. If I pressed the return key, I would get another ruby prompt. Weird. I also tried to install the gem through the rubygems view, and it would say “loading remote gem listing” and then get frozen again. Weird.

Ok, the solution was to install radrails 1.0.3 *first*. Remove any version of radrails that you have. Then download the archived version of the 1.0.3 plugin here:

If that isn’t there for some reason, download it from my site here: http://www.tripperjones.com/stuff/org.radrails.rails_feature-

Install it manually using the instructions under “Install or Update of Aptana Studio as a Plugin for Eclipse from a Local File” under this web page:

Restart eclipse and the gems should install after that. I had one minor hiccup when, for some reason, the mongrel gem wouldn’t install:
> gem install mongrel -r
> ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError)
> Error instaling mongrel-1.1.2.gem:
> mongrel requires daemons >= 1.0.3

I was able to get around this by doing a “gem install mongrel -r” at the ruby console prompt in aptana. Then I did a “gem uninstall mongrel”, then rebooted eclipse . I let the gems reinstall after that. “gem install daemons -r” would also probably work, but I haven’t tried it. It’s looking for the daemons plugin apparently. Anyway, it was able to install all the gems after that.

I tried creating a few sample rails apps and they all worked. Interestingly, when I upgraded to radrails 1.1 after that, the gems installed fine. Strange.

Anyway, I wrote this because I couldn’t find any decent documentation on this problem, even on the aptana and ubuntu forums. If anyone has anything to add, comment on my blog.

The saddest story every told. . .

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The saddest story ever told, in a few short words:

For sale.
Baby’s shoes.
Never worn.

– Hemingway

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