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What’s getting popular amongst the hacker crowd is “co-working”. It’s basically when you get together a bunch of free-lancers and put them in an office-like room and have them work on their individual projects. It’s a place to go other than home. It’s a place to enforce discipline. And maybe you don’t need or want a full-time office. It’s cool because if you get a good group, you can all bounce ideas off each other at the water cooler or something. It’s kind of a social scene too. Here, check it out:

I get this feeling this could be all the rage soon. I can open up a co-working facility, and sell health-club like memberships. I’ll still generously donate to jelly LA and let them have their meeting here for free though. It’s the hippie in me I guess.

Anyways, some bad-ass programmers go to these things. It’s good to rub elbows with these guys. . .

he he. . .

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