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I wish I could be arrested from a crime that was serious enough for me to be tried at the Federal level, but not so serious that they would have to kill me. Perhaps for a crime like computer hacking. The crime would have to be big enough where I would likely be housed in a swanky federal prison, like the one that Martha Stewart goes to. Or perhaps house arrest where I am forced to stay home, secluded without any distractions, televisions, friends, weed, alcohol, etc.

I need this to be done for a six month period. This will give me enough time to learn the computer languages I need to program, read the books that I want to read, and experiment with some concepts that I need to know. This is difficult to do now because of work and other distractions.

Here is a good house to be under house arrest with. It’s from the movie “Gattaca” which is one of my favorite movies:

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