To those that knew Nick Esteva. . .

September 19, 2009 at 11:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

To those who knew Nick Esteva. . . Here’s a an email I received from him a month ago:


Yo, bitch. We’re leaving for Chile tomorrow. There’s a chance we might move there for a few years. Wanted to have lunch with you, but you don’t check your phone messages!! Hhhhhhhhh. Looook, good luck with your business ventures. You’re an intelligent guy, and you won the ovarian lottery, so there’s no excuse! Hehe. Let’s keep in touch. I’ll be back in 6 weeks for sure, but it will probably be to sell the rest of my shit. Living at home is such a drag, my mom threw away my best porno mag! In Chile, we’ll have our own 3 bedroom apartment in the heart of the city and plenty of people to care for Luci. Well, I hate to get all mushy, but I’m going to miss you and so is Pam. You’ve been a good friend for a lot of years. Take care of yourself and stay positive. Peace!

Turns out he’s not even coming back for the rest of his stuff after all! He’s in Chile permanently now. He and his wife Pam found an apartment in downtown Santiago and they’re going to raise their baby daughter there it seems. His mom is selling his jeep and the rest of his stuff.

Sadly, none of us can say our proper goodbyes. 😦

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