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November 19, 2009 at 9:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


I’m trying to come up with some wildly different approaches to solving the online dating problem. I’m emphasizing concept development instead of technological development (which is overemphasized, in my opinion). One strategy for instigating creative ideas is to ask oneself “what is the dominant idea behind all this?” Take Speed Dating, for example. The dominant idea behind speed dating is “going on a large number of small dates instead of a small number of long dates”. One can throw out the “dating musical chairs” format, but still keep the basic concept. So my question for you guys is:

What is a good excuse/activity for people meet up for 5 minutes?

I’m thinking about hooking up people via gps/cell phones, although that may change. I would like to get some input or ideas of anything that comes to mind. I don’t care if it’s outlandish or “probably won’t work”. I’m not looking for “right”, I’m looking for “different”. While the “crazy, but wrong” idea might not work, a related idea could, so please don’t hold back.

PS Any hackers on my list who are into experimenting with concepts (not necessarily this one), join my meetup Hacker Codejam . It’s kinda a hangout for programmers who like to work on their side projects from time to time. We can hang at my dad’s place next door, I might start an internet cafe there someday.


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  1. To listen to a favorite track on The Fragile

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