Null Space Labs – my review of a hackerspace in Los Angeles

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(article actually written on Saturday, July 17th)

I am currently writing this blog entry from Null Space Labs, a new hackerspace that just opened up in LA. The building is located on 1015 Main St in Los Angeles in a nondescript building. The area is basically downtown LA, slightly off the beaten track. It’s still close enough, though, to have regular city amenities like atms and fast food places or whatever. There is no sign to this place, you can enter the hackerspace through the center door at west wall. This gives it a kinda an underground feel to it.

Inside is pretty nice. It’s nicely airconditioned (it’s currently hot outside) and the room is about 2200 square feet or so, so there’s plenty of space for small gatherings. There are comfortable seats here too. ie: sofa chairs instead of those hard-style library chairs you find at starbucks. But it’s not so much the facility that makes this place cool than it is the community. Basically, the place is a hangout for hackers and any like-minded lovers of technology. It’s a non-profit (I believe), or at least, it’s run that way. There are no real employees here. Most people just pitch in for communal reasons. Some people contribute by paying a monthly dollar donation, some people donate stuff, and some people just show up and help other hackers. I’m attending a Hacker News meetup here and the people, at least in this meetup, are generally agreeable and knowledgeable. Which is kinda refreshing because most computer programmers I meet these days are idiots in my opinion.

The people affiliated with this space are known hacker group “la 2600”, by the way. I mean this both in a white-hat and black-hat way. But if you’re cool with them, they will generally leave you alone.

I guess the only downfall to this place is that I wouldn’t use it for professional meetings or as a place for getting business done. It’s not a professional space and it’s not meant to be. If you need professionalism with guaranteed hours and dedicated meeting rooms, I recommend a co-working spot like Coloft or Blank Spaces.

Anyway, a suggestion donation is $40/month. You can also help by donating stuff (like in an asian/buddhist style monastary way) or perhaps holding a class or something so that others can learn. But overall, my initial impressions of this place are very positive.

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