damn customers. . .

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article actually written 9/24/2010

A customer came in today complaining that her headshots looked “grainy”. I was like “looook, noooooo”. When I took a closer look at this supposed problem (nonsense. . .), it turns out that her shitty-ass photographer was using a film camera, not a digital one. So OF COURSE she’s going to see the grain. When I patiently explained this, she retorted that she used “the best photographer in la” and I was like “looook, noooo”. I even told her she didn’t have to pay for it (even thought it was her fault. . .), but she left in a fuss, claiming I was “rude”.



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This is what perspective looks like:


Perspective A: It’s a circle!
Perspective B: It’s a square!
Reality: Examine it from all sides and conclude it’s a cylinder.

I think a lot of our problems with people’s thinking extends from the fact that people are used to viewing a situation in only one way. But sometimes if you look at the same thing in another way, you can better understand the true nature of the thing you are observing.

And I quote Alan Kaye: a change in perspective is worth 80 iq points.

What would God do?

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Here’s another amusing video from nonstampcollector. An important aspect of thinking is to take concepts that we normally take for granted and view them in a different way:


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As promised, here are some construction photos. The friggin’ thing is taking way longer than I had hoped, but it’s coming along quite nicely. I never realized how grimey my place really was until I saw these pictures. Anyway, just click to see the big photos.

Model Printing construction pic1

Model Printing construction pic 2

Model Printing construction pic 3

Model Printing construction pic 4

Model Printing construction pic 5

Amusing video

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Construction for my company is taking longer than expected 😦 . We just finished painting though. I’ll post photos next time, I’m waiting for my nephew to give them to me.

Anyway, here is an amusing video. I like it when someone can provide a different perspective to the established point of view:


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My company will be undergoing some construction over the weekend. I ordered some ipads and imacs and I have to make room for the new equipment. So we’re tearing down a wall, removing the tiled ceilings, redoing the floor, painting the walls, etc. I’ll post some pictures online in my next blog post.

Word is really spreading around my place. There isn’t really an internet place in the area and a lot of people are starting to understand the concept of public internet terminals (this concept is relatively new in America and thus not embraced). There’s also this famous dance studio across the street that’s 90% hot chicks, so the girls stop in all the time. In fact, on a good day, it feels like a friggin’ party in my place. It’s turning out ot be quite the hip establishment, actually.

Pretty soon I’m going to stop having money problems and start having “where do I put all these people” problems.

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