September 2, 2010 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

My company will be undergoing some construction over the weekend. I ordered some ipads and imacs and I have to make room for the new equipment. So we’re tearing down a wall, removing the tiled ceilings, redoing the floor, painting the walls, etc. I’ll post some pictures online in my next blog post.

Word is really spreading around my place. There isn’t really an internet place in the area and a lot of people are starting to understand the concept of public internet terminals (this concept is relatively new in America and thus not embraced). There’s also this famous dance studio across the street that’s 90% hot chicks, so the girls stop in all the time. In fact, on a good day, it feels like a friggin’ party in my place. It’s turning out ot be quite the hip establishment, actually.

Pretty soon I’m going to stop having money problems and start having “where do I put all these people” problems.

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  1. uh looook i told you years ago to turn it into a clubinternetloungeplace hahahhaa. gotta fix that outside facade. good to see things are well for you

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