Stever charms

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I’ve always liked these:

Startup School

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I am currently writing this at a Denny’s on the way to San Francisco. I am in Coalinga, specifically. There seems to be a very weak signal for wifi, so I am able to post this blog post here and now. Anyway, I’m attending Startup School, which is a kind of meetup for entrepreneurs. I just love San Francisco/Palo Alto. Here, I somehow feel like I’m in my element. Everyone you meet seems to be hacker/programmer/entrepreneur. It’s being held at Stanford so there are plenty of smart people to bounce ideas with. It’s just great.

Anyway, getting late. Motels here are cheap: $35/night so I think I’ll take advantage of it.

PS. Listening to Physical Graffiti in my car. It’s a very arty album, highly recommended:
Physical Graffiti

The Social Network

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I saw the movie social network last week and I love love LOVED it. Smart writing, good directing, gripping story, witty humor, it had everything. And the thing is is that it did it without the hype, the marketing, the 3d, and the special effects. The story just sold itself.

The movie worked on many levels for me. One of them (for me anyway) was the issue of perspective. The movie is kind of told from a “looking back” perspective. Each one of the characters insisted that it was THEY that invented facebook. But their actions, at the time, told a completely different story. For instance, one of the facebook founders decided to join a prestigious internship with a finance company in New York instead of moving to Palo Alto to work with facebook. There was a lot of that going on in the movie and it was interesting ot hear everyone’s selective “spin” on the situation.

Also, if that’s what parties are like at harvard, I have to tip my hat to you harvard students. Georgetown parties ain’t got nothing on you.

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