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One of the things that really pisses me off about western thinking is it’s aversion to mistakes. The word “mistake” has a negative connotation in the English language. It kinda implies that mistakes should be avoided. Most schools even penalize you for mistakes. It’s really annoying because this attitude discourages the exploration of a subject.

Socrates taught that by correcting all the wrong aspects with an argument, you will be left with something “right”. Critical thinking is therefore reductive in nature, designed to eliminate all but the truth. But this doesn’t address the design/creative aspects of thinking which is more concerned with generating new alternative and ideas.

You can eliminate all errors in your driving by leaving the car parked in the garage. But you’re also not going to get anywhere.


Another amusing video

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I just love nonstampcollector’s videos:

Fat Tony

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Nassim Taleb, author of the Black Swan makes an excellent point about the nature of probability:

Imagine you had a coin that was tossed 100 times. The first 99 times yields heads. What is the probability of it being tails on the 100th attempt? “That’s easy”, a statistician says, “, “it’s 50% because each coin toss is independent”. So you ask the same question to “Fat Tony”, a Brooklyn bookie hell bent on making a buck. (Read this in a thick Brooklyn accent). . .

Fat Tony: “Whatta you tawkin’ about?. . . that’s easy, no more than 1%”.

“Why?”, you ask.

Fat Tony: “You’re a pure sucker to believe in that ‘50% business’. That coin’s gotta be loaded. . .”.

The problem with most people’s thinking is that they place way too much emphasis on what they know and put no emphasis at all on the things they DON’T know. The statistician (as well as most academics) think entirely in the box in terms of information given to solve a problem. Fat Tony thinks almost entirely outside the box.

The most common error in thinking doesn’t really happen from strict logical errors. They happen because most errors in thinking are errors of PERCEPTION. But the problem with perception errors is that it’s hard to know what we don’t know, so we naturally ignore it.

black chick

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(I kinda commented on this before, but I actually experienced this in the real world, so I think I’ll write my thought out again)

There’s this black chick that keeps calling my ass. It’s really fucking annoying. She’s one of those “racially sensitive” people so you have to be really careful what you say around her. She’s very “boo-hoo. . . someone’s racist.”.

It’s really funny the way she looks at things sometimes. If something weird happens, it’s because of racism (of course. . .). There could be a friggin’ million reasons for what’s happening, but it’s irrelevant. In every case, it’s her PERCEPTION of the events that sets the tone for how everything gets intperpreted. So her belief in racism ends up reinforcing her belief in racism. It’s amazingly circular.

– Stever

PS If you are one of those people who are “offended” by anyone critical of political correctness, fuck you. Being offended is an intellectually lazy way to shut people up without having to prove them wrong.

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