Noisebridge – a hackerspace in San Francisco

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I am in San Francisco right now, specifically at NoiseBridge. I’m taking care of some “personal
business” here.

Anyway, the hacker scene here is a amazing. There are some pretty good hackers here, some of them from google even. NoiseBridge seems to be more hardware oriented than the other hackerspaces I’ve gone too. The space is a little bid bigger, and the surrounding area is a little bit more ghetto. I’d say the building is around 5000-6000 square feet or so. There’s a lot of junk in there, even stuff that you wouldn’t think belonged to a hackerspace (like old-fashioned sewing machines). Lots of diodes and transisters too. More than a dozen soldering irons, drills, compressors, shit like that. Oh yeah, and their computer science book selection is actually pretty good. They had some o’reilly stuff, some “head first” books, a book on smalltalk (yay!), the Art of Computer Programming, etc . The kitchen is pretty damn big and they even gave me some free food. Wow. . . It’s a suggested donation system, so I gave them $15 for letting me hang out for the day. It was well worth it.

They have some really old couches here to sit on. They look like they’re from the ’60s. They’re those types of couches where you kinda sink into it when you sit down. It’s old, but comfy. I could
probably sleep here for an hour if I needed to take a nap, there is a blanket and a pillow. I don’t think anyone cares.

There is a “Turning” classroom here, I assume for classes. I looked a the events section of Noisebridge and there’s a ton of classes available. Anything from iphone development, to machine learning, to a cooking class. The events are good. My main complaint about this area is that it’s kinda noisy.

Oh yeah, one of the hackers asked where I was staying tonight and I told him some probably cheezey motel 6. This guy (forgot his name) directed me to this hotel called “Elements” which is down the street basically . Well, it’s more of a hostel, really, but a great one. Very bright colors, a lot of comfortable chairs in their lounge. I’ll write more later.


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