Elements – a review of an awesome hostel in San Francisco

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This guy (forgot his name) at Noisebridge asked me where I was staying for the night. I told him “probably motel 6”. He then directed me to this hotel called “Elements” which is down the street basically from NoiseBridge. Well, it’s more of a hostel, really, but a great one. Very bright colors, a lot of comfortable chairs in their lounge. Here:

It’s a good place to hangout, write/update your blog, catch up on some research, etc And their bar is actually pretty awesome. You can get drunk while you program and everything! Here:

Oh yeah, staying here is a mere $25 a night. This is cheaper than most people’s rent. The room is basically the size of a college dorm room with 2 double bunk beds. It’s small, but nice (not to mention, spotlessly clean). You are basically sharing a room with 4 other people, so if privacy is your thing, this isn’t for you. I was lucky and got the whole room to myself.

The crowd is pretty young here, and this makes the bars around here that much cooler. The neighborhood is kinda ghetto (noisebridge is down the street), but it’s being gentrified since the area seems to be taken over by the local hipsters. The independent bar next door isn’t half bad either. Pretty active for a monday night (and this is the week after christmas, mind you). The chicks are pretty hot too. There is also an alternative movie theatre next door that shows classic/independent movies.

Wireless internet is pervasive through the whole building and there is no annoying WEP password to deal with. There are even free computers for use if you don’t have your laptop. Currently, I am writing this on one of the couches in 2nd floor hallway (don’t have a picture, but it’s nice), It’s 2:00am as I write this and I can do this all night if I want. Oh yeah, there’s a rooftop here too with an amazing view:

There are plants and gravel and stuff on the roof and I suspect this is where the hostel throws parties. A fully stocked bar is readily available here as well.

There are some of the downfalls I want to note (albeit minor). First off, my room’s (201) showerhead doesn’t work. I have to take a bath basically. They are also somewhat strict about who can go upstairs. i don’t think friends of guests are allowed to galavant around. No smoking and drinking is allowed in your own room, they are very strict about this (I assume this includes weed). Oh yeah, parking is impossible around here. Parking lots are rare and somewhat expensive (about $10-$18 a day). Buses work better in this area, they come like every 5-10 minutes or so. This is my preferred way of travel when I’m here.

This place evidently got a “most popular” award from Hostel Bookers and I can understand why. This place is soooo much better than the motel6 I was about to stay at. This place has stever’s recommendation.


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