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dude, I just checked my orders online since I left work at 6. A bunch came in. This thing is starting to get out of hand. . .


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The classic model of breakthrough discoveries is a lot like Columbus’ discovery of america. Columbus searched for something he knew (india) and ended up finding something that didn’t know (america). Such is serendipity. It’s not so much moving in the same direction as everyone else, it’s more about purposely going in a different direction than everyone else and seeing what you find. It’s all about being a fool in the right places.

Perhaps a computer program that mines facebook data that sends you messages about serendipitous events?


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Nothing bothers me more than the atheist who comments on the lack of scientific rigor of a particular religious belief but then listens to his stock broker.

Happy 2011

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Happy 2011 everyone, let’s hope this year will be a good one.

My new years resolution: increase serendipity. My strategy. . . pull a random noun out of the dictionary and do a task related to it. Or cross fertilize it with a task you want to do, then see where it leads. The purpose isn’t to be “right”. It is sometimes necessary to go through a wrong area in order to get to a position where the correct stepping stone is visible. It’s about movement rather than judgment.

This will fail 95% of the time, but it can lead to breakthroughs and new possibilities.

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