Exploitable NIPrint server – Gray Hat Hacking

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I am patiently working my way through Gray Hat Hacking (which is a pretty damn good hacking book). Anyway, I ran across a book example that uses an exploitable version of the NIPrint server. I had a hard time finding it online, and I finally found it. It’s been out of production for a while, so I thought I would post it on my blog so others will be able to download it. Download it here:
NI Print Server 3.2

Note to authors of this book: please make these binaries downloadable on your website or at least point out where they can be downloaded online.

Rebecca Black

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ha ha:

Rebecca Black

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Pop music has reached new lows:

This video probably has the most inane lyrics known to man. Here:
Yesterday was Thursday
Today is Friday
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards

They write the lyrics on the screen just so you don’t miss her lyrical genius. You also gotta love the rapper who raps about her school bus.

Pathetic. . .

The fall of the United States

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The accounting in state and federal governments today is so cooked, it would make Enron blush. The politician’s general strategy is to basically postpone the problem to a later date. The problem with this philosophy is that when you blow up, you tend to blow up BIG. There is so much off-balance-sheet debt on our state government’s books, it’s not even funny. This is beyond being disingenuous, it’s outright fraud. The world’s economic climate will crash to the point where we probably won’t be using dollars as a form currency.

Can you imagine the repercussions of this? The federal government could theoretically become irrelevant overnight! They could no longer pay for the military because people wouldn’t accept dollars as

Weird. . .


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I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. The best place to hack is from a McDonalds. They’re everywhere, there is free wifi, and with Tor you pretty much have anonymous access. There’s also plenty of space to lay out your stuff, it’s relatively quiet (compared to starbucks) and the workers will generally leave you alone. Apparently, the one in Agoura Hills has a couch and a couple of comfortable couchy seats in it.


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