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I recently got an iphone.

Business has been stellar lately and I can actually afford the ass-raping monthly charges that at&t gives. In any event, I’m absolutely delighted with the product. I’ve been learning all the nuances of the phone now and love the little tips I’m learning. I also, of course, jailbroke it so I can tether my iphone’s internet to my laptop. God damn at&t wants $20 more bucks for that!

It’s great I can take my laptop and ipad anywhere and know that internet will work. The maps/geolocation is great too. I never realized how much time smartphones save you once you have them, it’s making my life soooo much easier in so many ways.

the exponential

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I have a strong computer science/math background and I often concepts related to these subjects in the real world. Most people miss “the exponential”, which is a steady rate of change that accumulates very quickly after it reaches a critical mass. This is why our economy is doomed – the amount of debt the nation needs to fuel itself is growing at a steady rate. The use of bitcoin might exponential, but it is too difficult to tell at this point. Anyway, watch this video:

Also watch the second part:

Jim Gates

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What Jim Gates thinks he looks like:

What Jim Gates actually looks like:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . .

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