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What does it mean to be free?

Imagine you decide to take a road to a particular destination. You are perfectly free to travel along this road. No one is forcing you to go or not to go, it’s totally up to you.

Does this mean you are really “free”?

Let’s say a friend points out an additional road – a road that you didn’t even know about before. The new road could be more scenic, it could be an unknown shortcut to your destination, or it may lead to a different destination entirely. The person now has more choice and now becomes freer than he did before.

Freedom is more than just the lack of tyranny. True freedom involves freedom of choice. One thing that we can do to increase or freedom is to work on our perceptions. IE, if we can concentrate on generating alternatives instead of just choosing between them, we will be in a freer position to choose. But this requires us to perceive the world in more than one way (not just in the way that everyone thinks is “reality”).


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