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Work was dead at Model Printing. I think I did maybe $30 worth of online orders on monday. So I said “fuck it”, closed my place for a week and took off to San Francisco! It’s a welcome change of pace from my rather dreary life in LA. Don’t get me wrong, business is doing great and is only getting better, but I’m still the only employee and right now I’m doing 100% of the work. So it’s a lot of stress. Changing your environment is the most effective way of changing your psyche in my opinion.

Right now, I’m at Noisebridge, which is one of the great hackerspaces of san francisco. Some guy hacked his roomba to serve as a dual-way camera. Here:

It was actually pretty intelligent about avoiding obstacles in the room (I believe it’s programmed in lisp, he he). Noisebridge apparently has this big kitchen where a lot of cooking classes take place. So some guy came in and just made pizzas for everyone to enjoy. I donated $5 just for the “coolness” factor. Finally, someone is playing “The Rain Song” from led zeppelin, great song. Man, this is like the coolest place to hang out. The place is huge (i’d say around 4000 square feet or so) and there are tons of tools for doing hardware hacking (saws, soldering irons, etc). The community is great here too. Very intelligent and chatty community. If I lived in san francisco, I’d basically live here.

Even though it was grueling, I woke myself up at 5:00 AM to attend a meditatoin session at the San Francisco Zen Center. Here:
San Francisco Zen Center

This was a famous center (back in the late ’60’s/early 70’s) where a lot of hippies came to learn transcenendental meditation. One of the abbots at the time was Shunryu Suzuki, author of my favorite book on buddhism Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.
zen mind beginners mind

My 6:05AM meditation session was quite possibly the most serene I’ve felt in recent memory. It was early morning (still dark, in fact). No cars were on the streets, everything just felt very still. The environment inside (and the cultural attitudes) are very eastern. Seriously, if you guys really want to understand meditation, you have to go to this place: Even the walk back to my hotel room was serene, watching the sun rise on the way back. Wow.

I have to go to San Francisco again, 2 days simply isn’t enough.


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