A leisurely Saturday

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I’ve been working weekends for the past 2 months. Not at work, mind you, but random places like libraries, Blank Spaces, or at home or whatever. Basically doing shit that I can’t get done during the day at Model Printing. But Saturday, I decided to take the day off and have a “personal day”. Meaning, I turned off my cell phone and just did things that *I* wanted to do for a change – with no interruptions. So I went on an intense workout at Barry’s Bootcamp in the morning, had a breakfast at nearby Soby’s, and then went to Long Beach marina to catch up on some Koestler. Koestler’s books are MASTERPIECES of the written prose. He also has some unique insights into the human mind as well. Why most schools don’t teach this guy is a mystery to me.

Anyway, then at night I downloaded and played Diablo III, another masterpiece of a game. I have happy memories of playing it’s predecessor, Diablo II. And let me tell you, so far Diablo III is every bit as good as II, if not better. The graphics and animations are jaw-dropping, and the storyline is excellent. Already at level 8 and fulfilled a few quests, he he. There are 60 levels of play before you finish the game.

Work kills me sometimes, but I’m hoping soon I’ll have more time in the future to pursue my interests. It would be nice if I could devote my days to hacking and programming, evenings to my guitar and piano, nights to books and games, and weekends for for travel and adventure.

What a romantic lifestyle!

Long Beach The Pike

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