DarkComet checksums (md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, etc)

June 30, 2012 at 2:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Seems that Dark Comet is being discontinued from development.

This is a shame, because it is a really good RAT. Anyway, I figure that there will be a lot of DarkComet mirrors from unofficial sites, so I thought I would share the MD5/SHA1/SHA256, etc for the Dark Comet binaries. This is the checksum of the clean version of the binary (latest 5.3.1) on my machine.

5.3.1 “.zip” file:

md5sum: 86ae13f5f7b56596101ba1ee2ab8963e
sha1sum: d926b75b7814ac44d611c620ea00789263e7832f
sha256sum: 858fb1fc03614802aee5be779b454b16384a1c051f925dbb360e8fcfa12fc6a3
sha384sum: 5368e4ff4078f4136f31f39fe05887e663232b01fa01274f5f9c3bea2950d2094cfc8a6624371211​3fe13b4241e39fe3
sha512sum: fc55d11d0bbf2be1b1a693d81becc37453ad47f6a8216b6c7c4f9c24a3459f1833f1f5832df2ed3b​1cd04aa9fdb53726c396497d32e23394c0eb3d48434d0010

5.3.1 “.exe” file:

md5sum: d761f3aa64064a706a521ba14d0f8741
sha1sum: ab7382bcfdf494d0327fccce9c884592bcc1adeb
sha256sum: 21ca06b18698d14154a45822aaae1e3837d168cc7630bcd3ec3d8c68aaa959e6
sha512sum: d2274c03f805a5cd62104492e154fc225c3f6997091accb2f4bff165308fc82ba0d9adf185ec744222bcb4ece08d1ba754a35a2d88c10c5743f4d2e66494377f
sha384sum: 8bf1c1be41722c15f033eaefbef5191fc750b8743cf03d4ace93358a818ad02c9739a7fe14f72111af32344959aa403a

This way, people can download the binary without fear of it being altered in some malicious way by other hackers.


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  1. Thanks, very helpful

  2. Can you upload the original File plzzz i need it ……..

  3. This was very helpful, thank you

  4. Pls, can U up the real exe. I will tested in my own network. the original doesnt exist. send me an trashmail in this block pls

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