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Work is starting to kill me more and more. Business is crazy good, but the hours and bullshit of running your own business are reaching harsh levels. I am sometimes so inundated with day-to-day activities of Model Printing that I feel that I am unable to fully pursue my intellectual and creative endeavors. I got out of work Friday night like at 10!

In all honesty, I sometimes fantasize about just dropping it all to live life as a professional flâneur of sorts . I can buy a cheap live-in van, travel, hack, sleep under the stars and just try a bunch of different things on the road. Just imagine the adventure and mystery! In any event, I would probably lead a more meaningful life than what I lead now.

But on the other hand, business is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s only a matter of time when I can hire more people to handle all the riff-raff that has been coming in lately. if I can only make it past this last home stretch, I’m confident that life will get much easier soon.

It just takes some dedication, you know?Image



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