bottom-up style governments

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I often wonder if we are on the brink of a societal revolution  Revolutions are seldom seen beforehand and history books have an annoying tendency to depict history as more linear and deterministic than it actually is.

I keep on reading that Obama is considering creating “the trillian dollar coin” to fix the nation’s monetary problems (ie “printing money”). This loose monetary policy can have disastrous consequences for the US dollar, namely hyperinflation. It can potentially collapse the world’s financial system and cause widespread chaos. The US government will, overnight, become irrelevant. I wrote about this a few years ago in this blog post.

But then again, there is some case to be made about “creative destruction” – sometimes things in the system have to break in order for things to improve. Maybe a case can be made that this revolution can spell and end to top-down world governments and a “bottom-up”-style government can naturally form from the chaos. A bottom-up government, by the way, is found in Switzerland (which is one of the most anti-fragile environemnet found in the world today). It will be interesting to see what happens.

Just my rant for today. . .


Crucial factors

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Here’s a lateral thinking puzzle:
You’re an engineer. What is the safest way to throw a baby off a 10 story building? 
(scroll down)
Answer: throw him off the first floor. 
Such is the “crucial factor” – unconscious beliefs that we believe apply to the problem, but actually don’t. They are assumptions, not actual obstacles. They have a powerful effect on our problem solving even though they’re not consciously recognized. A good problem solver spends some time trying to identify what these unconscious assumptions even are for the purpose of breaking out of them. 
“The purpose of science is not to analyze or describe but to make useful models of the world. A model is useful if it allows us to get us out of it.”
– Edward DeBono

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