Neo nazi demonstrators

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This picture fascinates me, it’s the dividing line of a protest rally between German neo-nazi’s and their corresponding counter-demonstrators in germany.

This picture begs the question: what would this dividing line look like if these same people were born just 70 years earlier? dna-wise, they are identical. What effect does socialization have on a person’s belief system? I’m willing to bet that the crowd would be completely reversed.

Unlike most people, most of my concerns with the nazi movement don’t lie with adolf hitler. My concern lies with the crowds themselves and why why they thought it was such a bright idea to follow this guy. People, I suspect, just believed in him because other people were also doing it. This scares me. In a sense, I’m wondering if the same effect is taking place here. Are people’s beliefs more shaped by the culture in which they grew up in rather than through independent thought? It makes me wonder sometimes. Sociologists call this phenomenon called “social proof” meaning we have this huge bias towards mimic the crowd’s behavior when one is uncertain how to behave. So it basically the belief generally gets indoctrinated at a young age and then becomes dogma later in life.

You know what would actually impress me? If those same people defended this action when it was unpopular (ie back in the ’30s). It’s all to easy to walk around and tell people who anti-racist or how anti-nazi they are. It’s very “cheap signaling” for morality as far as I’m concerned.

People would rather be wrong in a group than right by themselves.

Edit: I re-read this blog post and I don’t want it to be construed as a pro-neo-nazi post, it isn’t. I usually put neo-nazi’s on the same level of malcolm x extremists (which isn’t very high). But in a weird way, I actually admire what the neo-nazies are doing in this instance. Not because I like adolf hitler (I don’t. . .). But I believe something much greater is going on here which is the willingness to defend an unpopular idea. 

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