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You know something I like a whole lot better than Obamacare? Mexico. Reasons:

1) There is no FDA telling what drugs I can and cannot use. My body, my choice, I don’t want some beurocratic agency telling me what I can or cannot put in my own body
2) There are no Stafford loans in the Mexican school system (which unintentionally raised the tuition price for students to insane levels).
3) It is in a place where it’s hard to sue so malpractice insurance rates are way lower. Much of the cost is passed off to the patient.
4) The barriers to entry to become a doctor in mexico is way lower. So the supply is much higher (which translates to more competition and lower prices)

Don’t like that system? Fine. Don’t use it! While it can’t cover 100% of what you need, for most of the simple shit like a broken bone or a tooth drilling or whatever, it’s fine, believe me.

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