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I came across a few poems from a young girl (age 11) a few years back on “Kelly Barlett” was her nom de plume. I’m putting this out on the internet in the hopes someone knows of her whereabouts. She’s 24 now and I assume she has a blog or something out there. Perhaps she’s even published. If anyone knows who she is, please reply. Her output at such a young age is amazing.

Summer Sprite
by Kelly Bartlett
age last edited: 11

See the delicate hummingbird,
As tiny as a baby’s thumb.
Zooming through the flower garden,
Sipping sweet elixir from each mum.

His exquisite plumage sparkling,
In the summer’s radiant sunlight.
Like wee precious diamonds,
Iridescent colors seem to ignite.

Flitting from flower to flower,
As rapid as the eye can blink.
To each blossom he will zoom,
Delicious nectar he will drink.

A diminutive flying wizard,
Darting sideways and upside down!
Hovering almost stationary,
From morning’s first light to sundown.

What a wonderful acrobatic aviator,
Performing truly Amazing stunts!
To each bouquet he skillfully zips,
Imbibing the sweet juice more than once.

Secret Love
by Kelly Bartlett
Age last edited: 11
Georgia, USA

Why can’t I tell you how I feel?
How much I love and adore you,
This affection I have for you is real.
I know you have these feelings too.

You must be as bashful as I’m.
In class I can feel you staring each day,
But when your eyes meet mine
You become embarrassed and look away.

We talk for hours on the phone,
And time goes by so fast,
When we hang up I feel empty and alone.
I wish our talks could last and last.

When I look in your brown eyes,
I get a funny feeling inside.
You are different from the other guys.
I blush and get all starry-eyed.

At lunch you always sit near by,
But we just make small talk and smile.
Why are we both so painfully shy?
Why do we both live in denial?

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