Sweden and covid-19

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I find it bizarre that no one mentions Sweden in the vaccine debate. During 2020, Sweden had:

  • no vaccinations
  • no masks
  • no lockdown

Yet their hospitals never got overwhelmed. I also know this to be a fact as I have a relative who works there in an actual hospital in Stockholm. And total (all cause) deaths for the entire 2020 year are nothing out of the ordinary. Here, compare Sweden 2020 total deaths to the 5-year average:

I swear, I tell people this and they look at me like I’m weird. Some people even become visibly angry! I think the issue is most people fell for “social media hype” and they formed their opinion too early based on bad evidence. Then they latched on to that first opinion that came to mind and it turned into ideology. And ideology causes people to reject conflicting information . such as the above graph. Psychologists even have a word for this. It is called “first conclusion bias”.

I find it sad that I’m one of the few people who think that the whole world obviously overreacted. Watch what happens now, this ridiculous over-response to a glorified flu will result in a massive economic crash, one that the world has never seen before. Much worse than the one in 1929. It will, possibly and probably, be coupled with hyperinflation and it will cause unspeakable hardship on civilization. Then there will be scapegoats. I am not sure who exactly, but it will be incredibly unfair. Much to the delight of the masses.

Why I choose not to get vaccinated

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Back in March 2020, when this whole covid hysteria started, I actually started reading the scientific journals on this supposedly “novel” virus. I determined the infection fatality rate of this thing is a joke, everyone is massively over-reacting, and it’s not going to end up not killing anyone that I actually know.

Which it didn’t.

So I figured since I’m healthy, I should just infect myself with the coronavirus and quarantine for 2 weeks. And when I emerge out of quarantine I’ll have something called ‘natural immunity’ which will prevent me from spreading it to others. I will thus be no longer be part of the problem. Case closed. I then encouraged every healthy person to do the same. People thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care.

So I asked around and actually found a person, two people actually (boyfriend/girlfriend), who was willing to give it to me. So I drove to vegas to get infected, went over to their place and asked them to both spit in my water, which I then subsequently drank. Then I drove to a neighboring covid-friendly hotel in the area and quarantined.

Most people view this as “strange”, even shocking. It does not occur to some people that there are some people out there willing to risk, or even sacrifice, their lives for the sake of protecting another. Perhaps a loved one, an elderly grandmother, or just mankind itself. And I’m one of those people.

Another thing about american pop culture that I absolutely despise: it is scientifically illiterate. There is this bizarre, yet popular notion in my culture that natural immunity does not form after a covid-19 infection. Hint: it does. This is not only a scientific fact, this is a well-proven scientific fact. And when I explain this to people, they look at me like I’m a leper.

In any event, I don’t bother getting the vaccine because, well, I have natural immunity so I figure “why bother”. Natural immunity is far more robust than vaccinated immunity by literally every metric that I could find. There’s a also a 99% efficacy rate with natural immunity and only 90% efficacy rate with vaccines. And yes, I read the actual scientific papers on the matter.

So this is the method I chose. My body, my choice. And the fact there is so much government and social coercion regarding the vaccine makes me not want to do it. I would rather see the pharmaceutical company not make any money of me. So now I’m not getting it out of pure rebellion.

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