Occupy LA

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I went to Occupy LA on sunday, here’s a picture:
Occupy LA

I’d estimate there were 1500 people there or so (possibly more). It’s gotten a lot bigger since I first started going there a few weeks ago. They actually have sections now – a kids section, a medical section, a food section, etc. NoFX played a benefit concert today (which I annoyingly missed), but it’s cool, it’s still a great place to hang out and meet people.

It also turns out the police just evicted everyone yesterday (tuesday night). About 1400 cops made about 200 arrests or so. People stayed anyway. I’m also a bit irked that the lapd got to decide which media outlets got to cover the eviction. What is this, communist china? hhhhhh. I got most of my news from twitter, it ends up being a more accurate source than Big Media anyway. It will be interesting to see what happens. My guess the occupiers ultimately won’t leave. At most, it will reconvene at pershing square or something, no big deal.

That’s it, I’m bringing my tent there next weekend and sleep there. I need to catch up on some reading on some hacker shit and it’ll be best to do it there.

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