My unpopular opinion on the Ukraine war

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My unpopular opinion regarding the Ukraine war: I think this is a mistake and a big one.

Reason being, I feel these sanctions will lead to an economic collapse and it will eventually hurt us more than it hurts them. Worldwide food and energy shortages are inevitable at this point, followed by a massive amount of unemployment. Finally, I have the sneaking suspicion that the russian ruble will come out pretty good for this. Or any “reserve currency” that Russia/China might implement. Primarily because the currency is pegged to gold, and the US dollar is not. But also because the US government is diluting the US dollar to pay for all those ridiculous lockdowns we had in 2020 and 2021.

Also, I don’t trust “the news” as it is basically false. So I doubt any reports of this “war” are accurate in any way and most of it is probably misleading. And since I have no idea what is the truth anymore, I refuse to make a political opinion without sufficiently hearing the other side – no matter how evil the other side is perceived to be. So I am resoundly “neutral” regarding the conflict.

In any event, let’s see what goes. After the economic collapse, I’m going to go around and tell everyone “I told you so”. Then there’s going to be some STUPID scapegoat, god knows what. My guess is the “1%”, “russians”, the “karens”, or “the unvaccinated”. I don’t know, specifically, but the world will unjustly blame a scapegoat.

You watch!

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