My unpopular opinion regarding the Ukraine war

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My unpopular opinion regarding the Ukraine war: I think this is a mistake and a big one.

These sanctions, along with these ridiculous “panedemic” lockdowns, will lead to a huge economic collapse, something way way worse than the great depression. The United States and it’s european allies are literally cutting off our own supply of oil, wheat, natural gas, etc which will lead to massive amounts of shortages, come harvest time. You watch! I also have the sneaking suspicion that the russian ruble will come out pretty good during these sanctions because the russian currency is now pegged to gold, and the US dollar is not. So in the event of a market crash or hyperinflation (which is going to happen. . .) the russian ruble will strengthen against the US dollar.

In fact, this is already starting to happen. The russian ruble is stronger than it was before the sanctions. Russia is also making more money on it’s exports than it did before the sanctions. Sanctions are having the opposite of it’s intended effect, while at the same time we are cutting off our own supplies of energy and food. This will cause worldwide famine. Again, not in civilization’s interests.

Next, I have a hard time believing the US government is defending Ukraine for humanitarian reasons. And I think it’s incredibly naive to think otherwise. The “news”, as it is currently being reported, is basically false. So I doubt any reports of this war are accurate in any way and most of it is probably misleading misinformation. And since I have no idea what is the truth anymore, I refuse to make a political opinion without sufficiently hearing the other side – no matter how evil the other side is perceived to be. So I am resoundingly “neutral” regarding the conflict.

Finally, there’s going to be some STUPID scapegoat when an economic collapse happens. My guess is the “1%”, “russians”, the “karens”, or “the unvaccinated”. I don’t know, specifically, but the world will unjustly blame a scapegoat.

You watch.

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