What do you think are the primary motivations behind reporting on the plague and shutdowns in a way so as to make it seem as if are obligated to shut down society and wall ourselves at home?

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I saw this posting on reddit to the above title and it did a good job of summing up my feelings on the subject. A “multiple-model” approach to analysis usually yields good results. Posted by “chasonreddit” on reddit:

I’m a believer that there there are no huge conspiracies in government or media. There are simply a lot of different people working in their own best interest and perverted incentives get you the rest of the way.

  • Media live for clicks and content purchases
  • Pharmaceutical companies live to develop and sell new drugs
  • Politicians live for votes (and power, can’t leave that out)
  • Bureaucrats and civil servants do what they can do to hold and keep their cushy jobs.
  • People love to feel morally superior to their peers.
  • Businesses comply with government mandates because that optimizes profits.
  • Businesses cater to the majority sentiment whether they share it or not to optimize profits.
  • Some number of people are simply afraid of life and welcome an opportunity to take a time out.

Put all of those together and you can pretty much see the narative unfold.

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