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chatGPT writing about rain. 

har har. . .

ChatGPT, write like Kim Kardashian and explain how rain forms

“OMG, have you ever wondered how rain forms? It’s like, so crazy! Okay, so basically, when the sun heats up the Earth’s surface, it causes water to evaporate from lakes, rivers, and oceans, right? And then, that water vapor rises up into the atmosphere, where it cools and condenses into tiny droplets of water or ice. These droplets then come together to form clouds, and when the clouds get heavy enough, the water droplets fall back to the Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail, depending on the temperature and conditions. It’s like, nature is just so fascinating, don’t you think? Like, who knew that something as simple as the sun and water could create something as beautiful as rain?”

ChatGPT, now write like William Shakespeare and explain how rain forms

“When in the heavens the Sun doth shine so bright,
It draws from Earth the vapours, light as sprite.
Up into the air they rise on high,
And in their rising doth the cold them spy.
Then doth the water droplets meet and cling,
Forming clouds so wondrous and a thing
Of beauty in the sky, but ever so dark,
For the weight of them is heavy, as a lark.
And so it comes to pass, when they can bear
No more, the clouds let forth their burden there.
Thus doth the rain fall from the heavens high,
A wondrous sight to see with one’s own eye.”

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